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The Important Things You Need to
Know before Using JUUL Pods

The Juul pods have been more trending for the past 2 years because the enthusiasts slate it as the best way to replace cigarette smoking. While this gimmick alone triggers debates from the conservative parties, many agree that the Juul pods can be a better option in many aspects.

Not only that it gives such a wonderful experience for smokers, but it also comes with cool designs and various flavors to choose from. In a nutshell, you can enjoy your favorite fruit punches through the sophisticated nicotine-delivery device.

JUUL is a sleek and slim-shaped e-cigarette empowered by the battery. Since 2019 of establishment in 2019, the Juul pods have been disrupting the cigarette market with its coined phrase “iPhone of e-Cigs”. It is what the younger users call about this device.

Juul device’s overview

It comes with two main components: 1) the bottom part and 2) the top part.

In the bottom part, it consists of a battery and temp regulator. The top part is the electronic liquid cartridge which is used by the users to stick into the device.

So, we can also say that the cartridge component is the mouthpiece. All you need to do is to click it into the Juul device and you are ready to vape.

The Juul pods are empowered by a battery that you can recharge through the USB charger. You can connect the charger to your laptop or charging station. It is as easy as plugging in and out your common mobile device.

JUUL and the vaping culture

For those who don’t know, e-cigs or e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that turn a particular liquid into vapor. This aromatic vapor is what you will inhale and enjoy. The Juul pods, for instance, can provide the nicotine just like what you usually do at the regular cigarette. The huge difference here is that there is no burning involved. And for that reason alone, many have thought that it is a safer option compared to the conventional practice of smoking.

The vaping culture has actually happened long before JUUL disrupted the market. However, the significant rise of the JUUL products have marked the acceptance of vape culture in the younger users. Many youngsters post about #juul in their social media accounts, creating such a viral effect. No wonder that more and more people are raving about it.
What makes it different from other e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes come from different brands and JUUL is one of the most renowned models that you can find on the market. The device is different from the commoners because it does not come with settings. So, how will it work then?

The device will notice when you inhale from the mouthpiece. As soon as the device senses your action, it will automatically vaporize the liquid.

The next thing to note is that it has temperature regulation technology that prevents combustion or overheating. As we know, many vaping models out there have been tied with combustion and overheating cases. It has been a common problem to be found in “so-so” vape products. But you won’t see it in the Juul pods, thanks to the sophisticated technology.

The cartridges or Juul pods come with a wide array of flavors that you can choose based on your personal taste.

The Juul pods models are closed systems. So, it is different from the usual vape pens in the market.

Pricing and options

Depending on the models, the device could cost you around $30 to $60. A bundle of four Juul pods can cost around $16 or more depending on the marketplaces that offer the products.

As mentioned, the pods come in various flavors. You can choose between the classic flavor tobacco, fruit medley, cool mint, mango, as well as creme brulee. If you are not up to the bundle, you could spend $4 per pod. That’s a deal-breaker since smoking conventional cigarettes costs you around $10 per pack. It can save you up to $6 per pod!

The e-cigs from JUUL brand can be safer than conventional combustible cigarettes. There’s no doubt that the e-cigarettes practices are safer than the latter. According to Dr. Siegel from Boston University, electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative for those who want to replace their regular cigarettes.

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